Lot Code information

To be able to investigate and deal with your complaint quickly and effectively we require the lotcode information which is printed on the bottle.

What does it look like?

This takes the format of an alpha-numeric code beginning with the letter “L” followed by a number of digits  eg. L14256ZC1234 20:30 .The last 4 digits which are separated by a colon (:) is the time.  We require at least the first 5to 8 digits to respond to your concern on the product including the letter L

Where do I find this lotcode?

The lotcode is normally found on the back label on the bottle and generally at the bottom of the label as an inkjet print


Sometimes the code is found at the base of the bottle as a laser jet instead of the ink jet. In this case a bit harder to see, as it is not a strongly contrasting colour. On the base of Grey Goose and Bombay Sapphire bottles we use a laserjet. This looks like a fine indentation or cut in the bottle.